One Ocean Expeditions Appoints Ocean Conservation Expert as Senior Ocean Science Advisor

One Ocean Expeditions Appoints Ocean Conservation Expert as Senior Ocean Science Advisor

London, 24 June 2019 – One Ocean Expeditions (OOE), Canada’s premier expedition cruise operator, has announced the appointment of Dr. John Nightingale as Senior Ocean Science Advisor. Dr. Nightingale, past President and CEO of Ocean Wise, contributes over four decades of experience in ocean sciences and public engagement.

OOE’s commitment to ocean health is evident by the inclusion of 120 days of scientific research per year, whereby OOE hand-selects verified and accredited organizations to travel onboard their vessels for scientific research. As OOE continues to refine onboard educational programming and its commitment to ocean health and literacy, the introduction of OOE’s new innovative Ocean Science Committee later this year provides a framework for expansion of the company’s vision.

“Delivering immersive experiences in remote areas is our specialty. Increasing awareness, assisting in the development of educational programming and facilitating scientific research, we view as an integral part of creating ambassadors who travel with us,” says Catherine Lawton, OOE’s General Manager. “Ultimately, protection for these sensitive regions relies on a heightened awareness and appreciation for their continued preservation. We couldn’t be more excited to appoint Dr. Nightingale as our Senior Ocean Science Advisor as we drive these initiatives forward.”

A professional marine biologist and public educator, Dr. Nightingale has led the development of many unique scientific conservation programs. These include the BC Cetacean Sightings Program, the Ocean Wise Arctic Program and the Coastal Ocean Research Institute as well as overseeing operations of the Vancouver Aquarium. Dr. Nightingale is renowned for his focus on engaging people to help kindle interest and curiosity about the ocean in dynamic and compelling ways.

“I am delighted to be joining One Ocean Expeditions and their team as they provide amazing ocean experiences and facilitate the advancement of ocean science at the same time,” said Dr. Nightingale. “This is an exciting time to be building increased awareness of the rapid changes taking place in oceans worldwide, and to help generate needed scientific knowledge and data concurrently.  I look forward to helping One Ocean Expeditions’ already diverse and highly productive programs produce even more scientific knowledge and reach more people.”

By working directly with One Ocean Expeditions executive management and operations teams, Dr. Nightingale will assist in the stratification and prioritization of integrated scientific research projects onboard OOE vessels. This new program will join One Ocean Expeditions’ already remarkable roster of scientific programs such as the annual penguin census with Oceanites, the study of micro-plastics and marine debris with Ocean Wise and the study and research of cetacean behavior and migratory patterns with the California Ocean Alliance.

With access to the innovative ‘One Lab’, OOE’s proprietary in-house designed and built scientific laboratory onboard RCGS Resolute, scientists are provided a clean and functional laboratory space for in-field research.

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About One Ocean Expeditions

There is only One Ocean; we need to protect it. One Ocean Expeditions commitment to ocean and environmental health is a core mission at the heart of all OOE programming. Through unique and authentic experiences and itineraries, OOE is proud to create ambassadors for the ecologically sensitive destinations we travel to, aiming to build interest and respect for the oceans and the life they sustain. One Ocean Expeditions enables world-class scientific research by aligning itinerary development onboard the vessels, creating opportunities for science in remote, inaccessible parts of the world. Partnering with and supporting carefully selected scientific organizations, OOE offers guests the unique opportunity to learn from and interact with scientists onboard. Long-time partners include Ocean Wise, who spearhead research and global awareness of micro plastics and marine debris, the California Ocean Alliance (COA) who are committed to the research and study of cetacean behaviour and migratory patterns in the Southern Ocean, as well as Oceanites, the global leader in penguin population surveys. These key partnerships create incredible access for One Ocean Expeditions’ guests to build first hand awareness and education on key issues of marine conservation. Working with existing science partners and forging new relationships along the way, OOE will continue to pursue its vision of understanding and preserving ocean health for generations to come.

Ocean Wise®

Ocean Wise is a not-for-profit organization whose vision is a world in which oceans are healthy and flourishing.

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