Adventure Network International

Flights and guided adventures in Antarctica

Pioneers of private flights to Antarctica and specialists in the region for more than 25 years, Adventure Network International is well versed in organising intensive physical and mental challenges to the South Pole and in helping would-be adventurers to fulfil their dreams.

These polar specialists offer an extensive selection of expedition experiences in the interior of Antarctica, no two of which are exactly the same. They range from six-day adventures requiring moderate levels of fitness, to extremely strenuous expeditions, during which participants are active for eight to 12 hours per day at high altitudes and in severe weather conditions over a period of two months or more.

”When ANI needed a new perspective on reaching into our somewhat unusual market, we turned to toucanmoon for advice. As a result, our South Pole Fly and Emperor Penguin visitors have increased, and we have worked into new areas in Asia”. David Rootes, Owner, Adventure Network International

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