One Ocean Expeditions Puts Education at the Heart of its Antarctic Cruises

One Ocean Expeditions Puts Education at the Heart of its Antarctic Cruises

The latest collaboration between expedition cruise operator One Ocean Expeditions (OOE) and the Royal Canadian Geographical Society (RCGS) provides three reasons for polar travellers heading for Antarctica to look forward to crossing the infamous Drake Passage: education, education and education.

OOE and the RCGS have teamed up to provide the best polar education program in the business, presented by world-renowned experts in the fields of wildlife, history, geology, photography and conservation. This unique partnership will be providing a new, holistic and entertaining approach to learning about some of the most extraordinary places on the planet.

The OOE/RCGS team already turns classics such as the 10-night Antarctic Peninsula Adventure, sailing out of Ushuaia, Argentina, into genuine expedition voyages of discovery. But it’s the focus on education that makes all the difference, as Andrew Prossin, MD of OOE, explains: “The Frozen South is the ultimate open-air classroom where, in the right hands, everything from whale biology to glaciology literally comes to life. Discovering this wild and remote corner of the world  in the company of top-class experts is quite an experience. To be honest, it’s a humbling experience, too, since we all discover a lot about ourselves and our place in the world at the same time. This partnership enables us to offer the kind of trip that literally changes people’s lives.”

As well as professionals from the RCGS, who will be accompanying many voyages, OOE experts include people such as Simon Boyes, a renowned ornithologist with more than 300 bird-watching trips to his name, as well as marine biologist Ari Friedlaender, who has been studying whales in Antarctica since 1997. These experts haven’t just read about their specialist subjects – they have in-depth first-hand experience and may even be conducting some of their ground-breaking research on board.

Simon, Ari and many others of a similar calibre will help everyone to see and understand as much as possible during OOE’s voyages. From the moment the ship leaves the dock in Ushuaia, there will be a mind-boggling amount of wildlife to enjoy: a plethora of albatrosses, petrels and other seabirds around the ship, leopard, crabeater and Weddell seals, whales and dolphins, and vast penguin rookeries. And that is just the tip of the iceberg (pun intended). In between, there are opportunities to enjoy once-in-a-lifetime experiences such as hiking on the Antarctic Peninsula, sea kayaking between spectacular icebergs, and even camping overnight in the world’s last great wilderness (how many people, apart from the likes of Shackleton and Scot, can say they’ve done that?). These are trips that stir the imagination and boggle the mind.

Prices for the 10-night Antarctic Peninsula Adventure start from US $7,795 for a triple share.  There is also a booking offer of US$500pp flight credit (2017 departures) and US$1000pp flight credit (2018 departures) and a special price of US$3000 for each young person under 21 years, travelling with a parent, based on bookings received by 31 December 2016.  Departure dates include February 15th and March 17th 2017 and February 20th and March 2nd 2018.

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About One Ocean Expeditions – One Ocean Expeditions is a proudly Canadian expedition cruise specialist founded in 2007. The company has become a cornerstone in creating and sharing experiences through its commitment to education, exploration, social and economic and community development and transformative travel experiences. One Ocean Expeditions operates voyages in Canada’s Atlantic Coast, the High Arctic and Antarctica, and utilizes purpose-built ships, each with a high ice-class and carrying less than 98 guests. The vessels are specifically designed for polar exploration and combine modern comforts and superb amenities with first-class safety features. The one-of-a-kind partnership with the Royal Canadian Geographical Society enhances the company’s commitment for the exploration of Polar Regions through innovative programs and with exceptional customer service and industry-leading industry standards.

Note to Editors – The Power of Education onboard One Ocean Expeditions Voyages. Experts’ Biographies

Simon Boyes, Ornithologist:  Simon gained an international reputation as an ornithologist, having guided more than 300 bird-watching tours all over the world, including numerous trips to Antarctica. He is now one of the lead ornithologists with One Ocean Expeditions, having worked with us since 2011. With a lifelong interest in observing birds and a background in Environmental Conservation, he is a driving force in helping passengers to find and identify Antarctic bird-life through presentations, on deck interpretation and guided hikes.

Dr Ari Friedlaender, Researcher & Professor at the Oregon State University:  Ari’s specialty lies in studying the foraging ecology of marine mammals and the affects of climate change on their behaviour.  He has a special interest in the Antarctic and has worked with OOE for the past four years.  As an educator and a scientist, he supports wholeheartedly the collaboration between research and tourism, believing that by informing and communicating what is happening in the region – particularly with regard to climate change – we are a step closer to protecting our fragile ecosystem.

Harry Keys, Glaciologist:  Harry is a key glaciologist with One Ocean Expeditions for the third year in a row. He contributes extensive expertise about Antarctica’s glaciology gained when he developed and led a study of icebergs in the Ross Sea with the New Zealand Antarctic Research Programme followed by work on the Ross Ice Shelf with the US Antarctic Program. With this impressive background of Antarctic experience, collected over three decades, Harry has significant knowledge to share on the ship and enjoys showing guests Antarctic ice and its fascinating variety of facets.

Mark Evans, Naturalist:  In his vital role as a naturalist, Mark shares his passion about eco tourism, wildlife and the sustainability of our natural environment throughout the voyage. He is a mentor regarding eco tourism and connecting people to the natural environment in Antarctica. Mark has had the privilege of working on some of the finest eco tourism developments from wilderness retreats, to initiating and contributing superb conservation initiatives in sea turtle and marine mammal conservation and education.

Dave Brosha, Photographer:  Dave’s outstanding photographic work is published in numerous online and print media such as CNN and Canadian Geographic. For his role as OOE’s Photographer in Residence, Dave brings an outstanding level of experience, having earned an international reputation as a photography teacher, and securing engagements for Nikon, Dubai, After Dark Education, St. Louis, PPAM, Plymouth, and the Globe and Mail, Toronto.  On board, Dave works tirelessly to assist passengers to capture the beauty of Antarctica through their camera lenses.


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