Mulit-base Activity Trip on Futaleufu River Offers Rafting, Abseiling, Canyoning & More!

Mulit-base Activity Trip on Futaleufu River Offers Rafting, Abseiling, Canyoning & More!

Bristol, 3 June 2019:  The Futaleufu River has long been known as the most famous white-water rafting river in Patagonia.  A trip, newly available in the UK and European market with specialist tour operator Swoop-Patagonia, not only offers participants a variety of activities in addition to rafting, such as hiking, climbing, kayaking, abseiling, zip lining and canyoning, it is also the only trip available in the area that incorporates four different base camps.

Beginning and ending in the town of Esquel in Argentinian Patagonia, the eight-day multi-activity adventure is designed to be enjoyed by individuals and families regardless of age and previous experience.  Trekking between the camps, participants are offered different levels of difficulty for each optional activity and training is provided amongst towering peaks, lush valleys and crystal-clear waters.

An hour’s drive to the Chilean border brings guests closer to Terminator Camp, a series of cabanas overlooking the 800-metre long rapid of the same name, and an ideal location from which to appreciate the strength and beauty of the Futaleufu.

Activities begin with a steady kayaking excursion along a gentle section of the Espolon River – perfect for beginners – before changing to rafts and negotiating the much more challenging Inferno Canyon, complete with class V rapids.

Evenings are spent savouring a good meal and enjoying the surroundings, sometimes from the comfort of a relaxing hot tub!

Accommodation at Cave Camp overlooks a blue lagoon, perfect for swimming, and boasts two hot tubs, one of which sits in a depression in the granite that has been carved out by the river.  Activities here include rock climbing to one of the most spectacular panoramas in the area, abseiling down a 100-metre wall and zip wiring over the most dramatic rapid on the river.

Nature lovers will particularly enjoy Tree House Camp which, as its name suggests, is built in trees 10 metres from the ground and linked via a series of footbridges.  Guests are encouraged to hike up Condor Hill where they will be rewarded by the sight of these spectacular birds displaying their outstretched wings, which can measure up to 3.5 metres.

Arguably, one of the most exciting days begins at the final camp – Nuns Camp – named after the spectacular granite towers of Las Monjas (the nuns).  Canyoning in Arroyo Blanco (White Creek) is followed by the biggest white-water experience of the trip, the famous Terminator rapid, together with a series of entertaining and exhilarating rapids along an action-packed section of the Fu.

Prices start from £3,500 per person for eight days including all activities, meals and accommodation during the trip.  Departure dates in 2019 are 21-28 Dec & 28 Dec-4 Jan 2020 and in 2020 the dates are 19-26 Jan, 1-8 Feb, 15-22 Feb & 29 Feb-7 Mar. Flights to Buenos Aires are not included.

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