More time to explore the seventh continent with innovative adventure cruise programs from One Ocean Expeditions

More time to explore the seventh continent with innovative adventure cruise programs from One Ocean Expeditions

Take a look at the new Antarctic voyages we’ve launched for this coming season onboard the Akademik Sergey Vavilov.

These exciting itineraries are streamlined to get your clients to Antarctica faster providing as much as a 20% increase in the length of time they’ll spend at the destination. And with a maximum of 70 passengers onboard, we have even more flexibility to customise the program according to the individual’s preference, especially with the increased staff to guest ratio. In other words, less travel time with more experiences and individual attention.

The flights to/from King George Island and to/from Stanley in the Falklands are included in the cruise price. You only need to get your clients to Punta Arenas.

By utilizing flights departing Punta Arenas, Chile (which are included in our voyage rates), our passengers now have the option to board the vessel on new voyages in either Stanley, Falkland Islands or King George Island, Antarctica. By eliminating a crossing of the Drake Passage a direct increase of time (48 hours) has been added to each new itinerary. This benefits those wanting to expand the consecutive number of days spent in their destination of choice.

With passengers as our focus, we have responded to the demand for more expedition options by offering a higher number of consecutive days, and have created voyages optimally planned to maximize our passenger experience.

Additional time traveling into remote and untouched areas creates opportunities for continued exploration in both our favourite locations and new expeditionary stops.

• Flights are INCLUDED in the voyage price: Punta Arenas (Chile) to/from King George Island (Antarctica) and to/from Stanley (Falkland Islands). Meaning more commission to you.

• You only need to get your passengers to Punta Arenas. Transfers provided to/from the ship at King George Island and Stanley (~90 min. flight).

• We advise guests to arrive in Punta Arenas the day prior to departure. We provide the transfer to/from the ship at King George Island and Stanley.

• Expanded itineraries may include up to eight penguin species and the opportunity to see king penguins.

• Flexibility and adaptability is key to enjoying spectacular Antarctica. Each of our ships has a fleet of 10 zodiac inflatable boats allowing flexibility in daily activity programming and operations.

• Small ship experience means all guests can disembark each excursion, choosing their adventure and allowing more time for guided hikes and walks ashore to wildlife sites, view points, historic sites and science research stations.

• Extensive interactive onboard educational programming covering the destinations and wildlife including special guest artists and writers.

• Professional photographer onboard to assist all guests on every voyage.

• Our adventure concierges lead the way by connecting with passengers on an individual basis enabling an enjoyable and very personal experience.

• Onboard wellness program along with fitness centre, sauna, hot water Jacuzzi and plunge pool.

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