Four ways to Savour the South Pole with Adventure Network International

Four ways to Savour the South Pole with Adventure Network International

There is something undeniably alluring about the South Pole. It is a destination that juxtaposes pristine beauty and an extreme environment, remote wilderness and cutting-edge science, physical challenge and a sense of accomplishment.

Adventure Network International (ANI) has a variety of ways to savour the South Pole, making it a life-list destination for travellers of all ages and abilities. An adventurous spirit is encouraged but guests don’t have to be an extreme athlete, and suffering is entirely optional!

Fly to the South Pole
Experience the vast interior of Antarctica by taking a day-trip by ski aircraft to the South Pole. Visit the Geographic and Ceremonial Poles; tour Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station and imagine how it must have felt to cross the frozen continent to this point 100 years ago. There’s plenty of adventure but no need to rough it. Guests will enjoy fresh-cooked meals, comfortable lodgings, and a variety of excursions and activities at ANI’s Union Glacier camp. More about South Pole Flights

Overnight at the South Pole
All of the above – and more. Fly to 90° South, the holy grail of polar explorers, and settle into ANI’s South Pole Field Camp. Mingle with teams who have skied to the Pole; watch the sun circle the sky and sleep in an expedition tent. There is plenty of time to savour all that the South Pole has to offer, before returning to Union Glacier Camp the following day. More about 90° South Overnight

Ski the Last Degree
Ski the last 60 nautical miles (111 km/69 mi) to the South Pole and experience first-hand the challenges faced by early explorers. Savour the physical demands of sled hauling; camp out on the high polar plateau; enjoy the bonds of friendship built through shared challenge and know that you have arrived at the ultimate destination—the South Pole—through your own effort and determination. All this in a two-week experience. More about Ski Last Degree

Ski South Pole
Embark on one of the most extreme expeditions imaginable, an endeavour that will test strength, endurance and resolve to the limit. Ski South Pole is the ultimate challenge, an overland ski expedition that spans an entire Antarctic season and traverses from the edge of the frozen Antarctic continent, to the Geographic South Pole, led all the way by one of ANI’s highly experienced polar guides. Choose from three routes that will challenge the hardiest of polar explorers. And at the end … savour that delightful moment when it is all over and you have succeeded in this astonishing achievement. More about Ski South Pole-Hercules | Ski South Pole-Messner | Footsteps of Amundsen

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