One Ocean Expeditions 2018-2019 Antarctic Expedition Cruise Season – Enhanced Science Programmes, Influencer Led Voyages, New Vessel and Innovative Itineraries

London, November 13th, 2018 – As the Southern Hemisphere springs to life, leading cruise specialist One Ocean Expeditions (OOE) is launching its 11th Antarctic cruise season. Along with the inaugural voyage of the company’s newest vessel, RCGS Resolute, the Antarctic season will introduce a range of new itineraries, as well as OOE’s enhanced science and special guest programs.

The 2018-2019 season begins with a journey to the sub-Antarctic for One Ocean Expeditions’ …

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Groundbreaking Container Science Lab On Board Expedition Cruise Vessel Supports Ocean Health Research

25 October, 2018, London – Expedition cruise specialist, One Ocean Expeditions (OOE) and global conservation organisation Ocean Wise are proud to announce the creation and installation of a custom-built OOE scientific container lab. The One Ocean Expeditions ‘One Lab’ is a specialised laboratory to be installed on each of OOE’s ships, with the inaugural container unveiled at the re-commissioning event of RCGS Resolute in Sydney, Nova Scotia and placed onboard.

The …

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One Ocean Expeditions Celebrates the Arrival of its New Vessel RCGS Resolute in True Expedition Fashion

Sydney, NS October 18th 2018 – The town of Sydney, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia celebrates the return of local Cape Bretoner, Andrew Prossin, Managing Director and founder of One Ocean Expeditions (OOE), with a lively recommissioning event for OOE’s newest vessel, RCGS Resolute, at the port of Sydney on October 16th.

A leader in expedition cruising, OOE is proud to grow its existing fleet with the addition of the industry’s …

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One Ocean Expeditions Celebrates The Arrival Of Its New Vessel, RCGS Resolute, at Recommission Event 16 October in Sydney, Nova Scotia

London, 11 October 2018  – Leading expedition cruise operator, One Ocean Expeditions (OOE) is proud to officially welcome to its fleet the vessel ‘RCGS Resolute’. To celebrate her first sailing under the One Ocean Expeditions’ banner the company is hosting a grand recommission event at the Port of Sydney, Nova Scotia on October 16th, 2018. With the fleet expansion comes an increased number of sailings to Canada’s East Coast and …

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Exclusive Arctic Expedition Voyage ‘Baffin Island – Jewel of the High Arctic’ Joins Destination Canada’s ‘Canadian Signature Experience’

London, 1 October, 2018 – Canada’s leading expedition cruise specialists, One Ocean Expeditions (OOE), has been granted a second Canadian Signature Experience (CSE) designation, with the popular ‘Baffin Island – Jewel of the High Arctic’ 12-day voyage being highlighted, following a previous selection of the ‘Fins and Fiddles’ expedition cruise. The CSE program is a carefully curated collection of innovative travel experiences designed to encourage visitors to further explore Canada. …

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Discovery of Long-Lost Vessel Marks Third Significant Underwater Archaeological Find in the Arctic

London, 10 September 2018:  For the second time in Canadian history, One Ocean Expeditions (OOE) has contributed to the discovery expedition to find a long-lost vessel in collaboration with The Royal Canadian Geographical Society (RCGS). The most recent discovery of evidence of Nova Zembla, a Scottish whaling ship that was wrecked near Buchan Gulf off the coast of Baffin Island in 1902, will help shed light on the historical and political complexity …

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One Ocean Expeditions supports scientific research and exploration through national and international partnerships

Polar expedition cruise operator, One Ocean Expeditions (OOE), is proud to support nationally and internationally accredited scientific programmes, working with renowned scientists at both poles and beyond. These partnerships actively contribute to the protection and maintenance of the fragile polar regions, contributing to a long-term positive environmental impact.

At the centre of all OOE programming is a core commitment to ocean and environmental health. Additional to the support of scientific research programmes, OOE …

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Polar Exp


London, 13 August 2018 – With the launch of its 2019/20 season, One Ocean Expeditions (OOE) continues to bring innovation and diversity to its Antarctic expedition cruise programming.

Sustainability, conservation and responsible tourism remain at the forefront of OOE’s philosophy and programming. Year after year, the company introduces new elements to further increase guests’ engagement with easier access to the world’s most remote regions to ensure exceptional cruising experiences.

1) It’s with …

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One Ocean Expeditions and Ocean Wise Announce Formal Partnership

London, 30 July 2018:  One Ocean Expeditions (OOE) has announced that it has formalised its partnership with not-for-profit organization Ocean Wise. After nearly a decade of creating exceptional travel experiences together, OOE and Ocean Wise have signed a five-year partnership agreement with the intent of expanding their joint educational programs around the world on select OOE voyages.

Ocean Wise is a global ocean conservation organization focused on protecting and restoring our world’s …

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New Adventure Hike in the Wilds of Argentina

London, 18 July 2018:  Adventurous hikers will be drawn to a new five-day trek with South America specialist, Swoop Patagonia, which crosses Argentina’s rugged Cordon del Bosque mountain range, to reach the tranquil shores of Lago del Desierto.

Not for the faint hearted, the ‘El Condor to Lago del Desierto’ trek requires participants to ford rivers, traverse rugged terrain, negotiate ancient beech forests, descend in to valleys for up to eight …

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